Jesus is the prophet of Islam?!

20 June, 2011


Widespread outrage among Sydney Christians sparks 'provocative' billboard of new Australian Muslim campaign,The company's proclamation of Jesus Christ as a prophet of Islam., which claims that the advertisement is purely informative and they don't mean to offend anyone.

This advertising campaign uses four different slogans, which, according to the Muslim people of Australia; are intended to enrich the residents of the Sydney new knowledge about the Islamic religion.



These slogans look like this.: "Jesus is the Prophet of Islam", "The Holy Koran: the final testament ", "Muhammad: Mercy to the people "and" Islam: There are questions? Get answers». Besides, on advertising billboards   listed phones, calling on which anyone can get free Islamic books and edition of the Quran.

Representatives of Muslim organizations reported Mypeace, that billboards on the streets of Sydney will stay four weeks, then advertising moves on city buses. However, the next day the billboards were broken.

It is worth noting, that Islam and the Koran deny three major postulates of Christian faith: the divine origin of the Christ, his martyr's death and subsequent rebirth, so the image of Jesus is sometimes used by Muslims to, to emphasize the commonality of The Abrahamic religions.

Bishop of Sydney Julian Porteous says:"Australia is a Christian country, and the statement "Jesus is the prophet of Islam" is provocative and offensive to Christians. Christ is for us - much more, than a prophet, He - the Son of God ".

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