Special rules and regulations on education of Australia

8 Ноябрь, 2011


In the State of Western Australia, in order to avoid conflict situations, tightened requirements for staff in education.

The staff of kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities of Australia,  were issued special instructions, in which is given an explanation, What is acceptable and valid in communicating with your baby.

New instructions for teachers cannot be friends with pupils, as in social networks, and outside the institution. To, to conduct extra classes, testing or educational work, need written parental consent, and for training outside the educational institution must choose a public place.



According to the Advisor of the Department of education on child protection Gaye Brimakomb, lately, educational institutions often accused of rudeness, cruelty and even child.

Gaye Brimakomb said "the teacher should always restrain my emotions, never raise voice and not insult the word disciple, no action. Hand a caregiver should not fall below the level of the shoulders, When he wants to embolden his ward or comfort. Otherwise,, the gesture will be doubly rastolkovyvatsja. "  Brimakomb  " — added to continue to breach the established rules will be treated as non-professionalism and may be cause for dismissal ".


In turn, Vice President of the Australian education Union, David Smith said, that "Instructions, based on common sense, protect not only children, but educators working with them, which should be cautious in their words, actions and deeds ".




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