Interview with Shane Jacobsen (extension)

11 Сентябрь, 2013


Best Books, that you have read?

SJ: My own book "Shane Jacobsen: The long road to overnight success ", everything in it is so familiar to me. .

What happened wrong during your travels?

SJ: Where to start?I had lost bags with things more than once, than I can remember, я порвал барабанную перепонку во время дайвинга в Вануату, умирал от страха на треке Кокода в Папуа-Новой Гвинее. Я был арестован за просрочку  визы в Скандинавии, я был однажды ограблен, был под дулом пистолета на Филиппинах, barely escaped from a landslide in Bali, ended up in a hurricane in America, naparyvalsya feet on prickly fish, narrowly avoided a collision with a bus on the road while riding a motorcycle on the Greek Islands. , I could go on for hours.

Худшее место, где вы когда-либо останавливались?

SJ: я снимался в отдаленном районе в Индии с моим братом, и размещение было по меньшей мере первобытным, но люди были 5-звездочные, в итоге все закончилось тем, I got a kick out of this place.

And the best?


SJ: My own bed, certainly, my favorite place.

Biggest mistake, you've done while traveling?

SJ: While traveling by train in Germany, I said to the man, who knocked on the bathroom door and yelled at me in German, so he left. , that he was a German police and did passport check - he strongly disliked, when he was told to leave.

What you have taught travel?

SJ: the world is full of great people.

Do you collect souvenirs?

SJ: No, I do not want to do it, but I have thousands of photos from my travels around the world, as well as several travel videos, I love to laugh, watch.

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