Investors are willing to invest money in the project VZhD even now, H. 5

4 Апрель, 2016


Высокоскоростной поездов Синкансэн в Японии.

The operators of the Shinkansen in Japan (picture), as well as Mitsubishi, as Chinese consortiums, long interested in rail projects in Victoria and new South Wales.

Andrew Robb, who withdrew from politics this month, quoth, that companies from the three countries have repeatedly approached him with offers to finance the construction of a railway branch, believing, that it is a safe, long-term investment in contrast to other less specific projects from a financial point of view.

«In the world there is not a lot of developed countries, who would not receive the benefit of having such means of transportation, and we must do it,» He said in a speech in Canberra Airport, in media interviews .

«Fact, What we have to do it right now, While the world is awash with cheap money, and this situation is quite possible this may change in the next six or seven years, Therefore, it is necessary to use point.

«The market today is flooded with nervous investors, and they are seeking to invest their money in long-term sustainable development projects in regions, and Australia is regarded as a safe haven.»

Mr. Robb said, that Australia should take advantage of very low interest rates and "tremendous interest".

«I can give you names of companies from the three countries, who persistently offer their services again and again», сказал он.

«They are willing to invest much. They are willing to finance the entire project».




While Mr. Albanese said, that shameful, The fact, that support Mr. Robb high-speed railway project became possible only after the last of the political party, and agreed, that there is a strong international interest in the future of the Australian draft.

«There is no doubt that, that there is a real chance to work with people, with extensive experience in the field of high-speed railways,» сказал он.

«I met with representatives of the Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish companies, who are engaged in this process and would like to participate in creating the Australian high-speed rail network.

«For decades, Japan holds in Sydney servicing Office high-speed rail network, that proves a huge interest of Japan in this project».


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