Six of the best jobs in the world

12 Апрель, 2013


Australia has finished accepting applications for participation in the competition «six of the best jobs in the world», Applicants were invited to compete for the right to hold a position «Chief Entertainment Officer», «adventurer», «Taster», «Wildlife Conservationist», «park ranger» and «Photographer of Life».

Under the terms of the competition  «six of the best jobs in the world», Job seekers were asked to send a 30-second video to the jury, in which they must manifest all their Oratory   Briefly explain, why they should get one of the best professions in the world.



Their desire to participate in the competition was announced by more than 300 thousands of people from 200 countries, but videos sent only 40 thousand people, and will get their dream job only 18 Lucky.

It is not in vain that vacancies are called the best in the world, the winners of the competition will have a unique opportunity to live and travel throughout Australia for six months, and the six-month salary of each winner will be more than $100 thousands of.

One of the most popular jobs of the top six in the world was the job. «Chief Entertainment Officer», to the winner in this nomination in the coming 6 months will be given access to all exclusive parties and festivals Sydney.
Winner in the nomination «adventurer» to explore the sparsely populated Australia's Northern Territory and to communicate with the natives – Aboriginal.

The names of the finalists in the top six positions in the world of competition commission promised to call in late April.

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