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10 Сентябрь, 2013


Faced with the possibility of travelling his own death more times, than he can remember, Shane Jacobsen (Shane Jacobson)  said, What's the first thing, He wraps, When is in the way – It is his passion for adventure.

No wonder, that is now a favourite Jacobsen for sleep, is its own bed.

So beloved by celebrity, a persona 2013 year, and his autobiographical essay included in top 50 most read books in Australia.

Shane is one of Australia's favourite personalities from the pop world., film and television, he played in such films as «Kenny»,»Charlie and Boots», «Beaconsfield» and «InThe Belt of Our Lives».

His autobiography «Shane Jacobsen: The Long Road to Night success» included in the list of top 50 books of this year.

Your favourite holiday destination in Australia?

SJ: Surfer Coast / Surf Coast in Victoria. We spent our holidays there many times, as children, and every time I go there, even if only for the weekend, I immediately feel, that I'm on vacation.

And abroad?



SJ: Paris and Switzerland, Probably, the best of the best. Both of these places are simply stunning!

The most favorite thing you do while traveling?

SJ: I always take the sightseeing bus when I get to the city., to understand, where it is located.

The most unforgettable funny thing you saw?

SJ: I sat at the Comedy Club in Las Vegas all night and saw a stream of comic books., which were relatively unknown, but each of them is world class. I laughed and drank for hours..

Favorite place, where were you at work, and that was not the place for your holidays?

SJ: Luxembourg. , where I met many wonderful people. .

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