Miss Australia 2011

8 July, 2011


In Sydney The contest «Miss Australia» and was named the most beautiful girl in Australia, which was the 20-year-old model and student from the city Perth Sherri-Lee Biggs.

Title «Miss Australia» fought 10 thousands of Australian women, but only reached the finals 30 Beauties.



As stated by the director of the beauty contest Deborah Miller, Traditionally, all the contenders for victory took part in the three mandatory programs, including catwalk in swimsuit and evening gown. «Special attention was given to the jury answers the contestants to questions, – added Deborah Miller. – After all, we would like to choose the best girl of the country, not only in beauty and sexuality, but also on the mind».

The winner of the contest «Miss Australia» Sherri-Lee Biggs is recognized as the most beautiful girl in Australia 2011 year, She won the hearts of not only the jury and spectators,but also very konkursantok.
Miss Australia 2011 – Sherri-Lee Biggs, except honorary regalia, will also receive a check for the amount 25 thousand dollars and the right to represent Australia at the international show «Miss Universe», to be held in Brazil 12 September.

At Sherry-Lee has the potential to become «Miss Universe» and try on the crown of a beauty queen.




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