Coral Sea – the world's largest marine reserve

12 July, 2012


Australia plans to build the world's largest network of marine reserves, which will cover 3,1 million square feet. km of the surface ocean.
In the planned marine reserve will be included all the Coral Sea, which lies between Australia and New Guinea, and has numerous coral reefs and islands.



Since the number of marine reserves off the coast of Australia will be increased from the current 27 zones to 60, that will be more than one third of all the territorial waters of Australia.

By Tony Bourke – Minister for the Environment Australia reported, that in connection with the creation of marine reserves, Government intends to pay compensation to the fishing industry for new restrictions on fishing, which should come into force this year.
Compensation for the fishing industry is estimated to be 100 million Australian dollars, which corresponds to 100 millions of U.S. dollars.

Regions of the ocean, included in the Marine Reserve, plan also will protect against claims oil and gas companies the development of mineral resources.
In areas of the reserve will act tough rules to protect the environment.

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