A new wave of initiatives to accelerate the adoption of high-speed railway project in Australia

4 March, 2016


Скоростной поезд Синкансэн, Япония.

Shinkansen - system of high-speed trains in Japan. Photo: IStock

People on both sides of the political establishment of Australia increasingly say, that country needs high-speed rail system, a similar system of Japan's Shinkansen high-speed trains.


While passengers in Europe and Asia are moving in their respective countries at the speed of light, Australia for many years, thinks about the necessity to establish its own system of high speed trains.

But, now in Australia rose new wave initiatives, acting in the direction of a more active organization of high-speed rail system, that can deliver passengers, say, from Melbourne to Brisbane faster, than air travel.



Labor Party spokesman and lawyer speed rail transport infrastructure Anthony Albanese going again soon to introduce a Bill in Parliament and calls for a national authority on supervision to make reality plans towards high-speed railways.

Former Trade Minister Andrew Robb also States, that international investors are willing to at least give money now on draft, which is estimated from the $ 68 billion to $ 114 Billion, because they see it as a safe, long-term investments.

High-speed rail in one form or another is present in such countries, as Japan, China, Russia, France, Poland and Uzbekistan, While in the United States, project under construction «California High Speed Rail».

But, it seems, Australia may soon become closer to the point of realization of the project, which will no longer is the only continent, with the exception of Antarctica, the remaining without their own high-speed trains.

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