New arrests in connection with the tragedy in the South Korean ferry

27 April, 2014


Crew members of the sunken ferry Sewol arrested in Mokpo / Mokpo, South Korea prepared to, to be brought before a Court of law.

Meanwhile, all the surviving crew members of the sunken ferry in custody, While bad weather hampered the rescue of any of more than 100 man missing.

Ferry Captain Sewol, Lee Joon-Seok, and 10 crew members have already been arrested on charges of criminal negligence, entailing passenger deaths. The other four members of the team were also arrested on Saturday night after, how warrants were issued by the prosecutor's office.

According to the confirmed figures, the death toll from the tragedy is 187 person, including 115 Unidentified – many bodies, both are believed to be trapped by the ferry, which rolled over 16 April while on a regular route to the southern island of Jindo / Jindo with 476 people on board.

The ship's captain was criticised for delaying the evacuation until the ferry capsized, when it was almost impossible to avoid tragedy.

Prosecutors have charged numerous firms, associated with the ferry operator, Chonhajin Marine Company / Chonghaejin, as part of a chain in a corrupt management system.

The expanded investigation also led to travel bans and charges against eight current and former executives of the Korean Shipping Register – Body, responsible for issuing maritime safety certificates.

Severe storm and high tide forced the temporary suspension of the operation to rescue the remains of those, who haven't been found for more than a week after the disaster.

Despite the difficult conditions on Saturday, divers made several attempts to get into the sunken vessel, but the effort proved to be inconclusive.

Most passengers 6825 Sewol, when it sank, Were 325 high school students - the death of about 250 of which are either confirmed or they are considered not found.

While all hopes of finding survivors have faded, Anger and deep frustration remain among relatives missing over pace of rescue operation.

Rescue operation: Diver puts on helmet, to find people missing from a sunken ferry in waters off the south coast of South Korea, near Jindo.



While trying to get inside the upturned vessel, which rests on the leafy bottom, divers battled with strong currents, poor visibility and blockages, caused by floating furniture.

Difficult conditions have led to, divers couldn't stay any more, than for a few minutes on the ship, before they went down every time.

In spite of this, they went through terrifying scenes in muddy water, including in one common room, filled with bodies 48 Schoolchildren, dressed in life jackets.

About a quarter of the bodies still recovered were found in the waters outside the sunken vessel, and there are concerns, that some of the missing, It's possible, carried away from the crash site by the current.

The search operation could be severely complicated due to the impending storm and the bodies may dissipate.

Prayers: South Korean Buddhists put candles, to form words, meaning "Together", in memory of the dead on board the sunken ferry and the rescue of passengers, on one of the streets of Seoul.

«As efforts to find missing citizens are increasingly protracted, there are more and more fears among their family members, that bodies could be lost forever», said a coast guard official.

Power, fearing palpable anger among relatives, mobilised trawlers and installed 13-kilometer nets with anchors on the seabed, blocking the Maenggol Marine Canal to prevent dead bodies from entering the open ocean.

Dozens of other vessels and helicopters were sent to scour the area at the crash site and beyond, the search operation has been expanded to 60 kilometers from the scene of the tragedy.

Police and local authorities will also be mobilised to search coastal areas and nearby islands, said a coast guard official.

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