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Interview with Shane Jacobsen (extension)


Best Books, that you have read?

SJ: My own book "Shane Jacobsen: The long road to overnight success ", everything in it is so familiar to me. .



What happened wrong during your travels?

SJ: Where to start?I had lost bags with things more than once, than I can remember, I tore the eardrum during scuba diving in Vanuatu, dying of fright on the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea.   I was arrested for late   visas in Scandinavia, I was once robbed, was at gunpoint in the Philippines, barely escaped from a landslide in Bali, ended up in a hurricane in America, naparyvalsya feet on prickly fish, narrowly avoided a collision with a bus on the road while riding a motorcycle on the Greek Islands. , I could go on for hours. Read the rest of this entry »




Adventure Sled Jacobs

Faced with the possibility of travelling his own death more times, than he can remember, Shane Jacobsen (Shane Jacobson)  said, What's the first thing, He wraps, When is in the way – It is his passion for adventure.

No wonder, that is now a favourite Jacobsen for sleep, is its own bed.

So beloved by celebrity, a persona 2013 year, and his autobiographical essay included in top 50 most read books in Australia. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Navy Australia

Sailors, salutes the Island Garden

This is a continuation of the narrative "parade of the Royal Australian Navy in Sydney», beginning of which read here.

Australian naval contingent will be accompanied by about 60 ships and sailboats, who will converge in the harbor from all over the world in order, to see the celebration.
Sailing ships on their way to Sydney went first in Fremantle ports, Melbourne and Hobart, and then join the race regatta in Auckland. Read the rest of this entry »

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