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Parade of the Royal Australian Navy in Sydney


Sailors prepare for the 100th anniversary of the Fleet. View from the Opera House.



I've lost count of the number of cities, that I've visited in the world, but there's one thing, which I'm sure of. None of them can match a sunny spring day in Sydney Harbour, when the fresh wind blows, flag-raising, set along the shoreline and strolling tourists and just onlookers looking so, as if for the first time they see, the wonderful building of the Opera House. Read the rest of this entry »




Australians eat, drink and smoke more, than Americans!

The study below, they are not as obvious, What do you think.
You would think, that as the most obese nation in the world, Americans spend the most money on food. But they, curiously enough, 19th in the list of developed countries, residents who spend the most cash on food. Read the rest of this entry »

Family found off the coast of Florida on the golden treasures $ 300 Thd.

The hoard was found in Fort Pierce / Fort Pierce.

Some of the gold things found by the family

Corals and exotic fish – it's certainly wonderful, But imagine, find worth $ 300000 of sunken treasures in your next underwater dive.

It was amazing., when a family from Florida discovered gold coins and jewels last weekend, who have been buried at the bottom of the ocean for centuries.
«It's like the limit of dreams.", said dad Rick Schmitt, shining radiant smile. Read the rest of this entry »

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