Australian teenager survived two months in the forest

1 Февраль, 2013


Matthew Allen – 18 letny avstraliysky podrostok of prigoroda Sidneya provel two tapes in mesyatsa lesu, жeлaя нe вoзврaщaться дoмoй.
Matthew Allen smog samostoyatelno survive two tapes in mesyatsa lesu, IT'S TIME za He drank izredka, и ничeгo нe eл, a neveroyatnost situatsii podkreplyaetsya tem, IT'S TIME to chto Avstraliya perezhivala anomalnuyu zharu.

Tak in kontse noyabrya Allen thresh neizvestnym prichinam pokinul svoy dom, oдeжду, mobilny telefon and bankovskuyu kartu podrostok ostavil doma.



Rozyskom Matthew zanimalis politsiya and volontery, No THEIR efforts did not yield positive results.
Allen found the two tourists, who rested in the local forest. Teen lying in the bushes, while in 200 meters away from buildings.
Matthew's body was severely malnourished and dehydrated, and the skin is covered with leeches and severely bitten.

Tourists immediately called for an ambulance, which reported, that teen hidebound, partially blind, and in addition received a gangrenous leg. The boy was brought into the open, where it took a helicopter medical service.

The hospital reported, that Matthew Allen lost twice, and his weight dropped to 40 kg.
Doctors are surprised, as Allen went unnoticed in the forest, who goes to a lot of tourists davolno. Also doctors can hardly imagine, As 18 letny teenager survived all this time, without carrying food, water and at the same time experiencing severe heat.




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