Generation of the 80 preferred housing repairs

13 October, 2013


Generation igrek / And (generation of people, born after 1980) are the most ardent supporters of repair.
More and more Australians prefer to do repairs and are eager to refurbish the existing house, instead of moving to a new home.
Recent Results of the Bank of Saint George show, that Generation Y are the greatest enthusiasts, When it comes to remodeling their homes this spring – nearly two-thirds of Australians aged 18 before 25 have plans for the repair of their houses during the next 12 Months.
The younger generation is not afraid to roll up your sleeves and do some part of the dirty work – 68 per cent are planning to redecorate your home yourself, with the help of family and friends.
Andy Fell General Manager Retail Bank Division St. George says, that desire to repair and update your property returned.
«Homeowners want to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms, and this corresponds to a long-standing dream of getting an Australian home ownership.»
«If you can not move in the direction of updating your property, then you should invest some time at the, you have, and I think, that is why we have so many people, thinking about repairs», he says.
«Thirty-four percent (of Generation Y) already accumulated enough, to make repairs. Other family members, including their parents, ready to support them in the process of renovation».
«There is a third group, which is seeking funding or extend their mortgage loan or an unsecured personal loan.»





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