Portuguese millipedes are suspected of train collision in Clarkson

3 Сентябрь, 2013


Two trains collided at a station in Perth yesterday morning Clarkson.
Hundreds of tiny centipedes may cause a collision of two trains at the Joondalup line, as a result of which six were wounded this morning.

Two trains collided at a station in Clarkson 6:40 am. The clash occurred between the moving train and standing stationary at the station, in which passengers boarded, departing Perth.
The Representative Of The Administration Of Municipal Transpota (PTA) David Hines said that they approached the issue very seriously and a full investigation into the incident had already begun. «It happened at low speed (clash), » Mr Hines «the standing train was engaged to passengers boarding at Clarkson, a second train was coming behind him, and he just wasn't able to implement timely braking. «We don't know, why. «We are, obviously, looking for the cause of this with full responsibility. We are very interested, to find out, what circumstances led to the accident».



Mr. Hines said, that was caused by an ambulance at the scene for several people to the hospital delivery, de pain in the neck. «We have placed several wounded people, who wanted to leave for Perth … I think, We have about five or six people, who reported, they have stiff neck, «сказал он.
According to the investigation version centipedes are one possible cause of the incident, after that, like hundreds of tiny arthropods were observed on Rails. The drivers had already been warned about the emergence of a strange infection Portuguese centipedes, that is believed to, made slippery tracks, when their pressure wheels passing trains.

Last year a problem was reported at Rokingheme and Kvinane, where freight railway network PTA spraying insecticide used in and around the ways in September last year.

AT 2009 year mnogonozhechnaja plague – the Latin name Ommatoiulus moreletii – captured tracks Tallaruk in downtown Victoria, causing several trains were canceled. Traffic on the line Joondalup – Mandurah was delayed for 15 minute, as a result of the incident. At present, the trains have returned to normal.




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