The high-speed railway project is again defined as a priority, Part 3

21 March, 2016


CRH380 - система высокоскоростного железнодорожного сообщения в городе Ухань, Китай.

CRH380 - high-speed rail system in Wuhan City, China.

That the Government is prepared to make in this direction?

Australia are slowly moving towards the introduction of high-speed railway. Over the past three decades this idea It was adopted, the rejected, that kind of takes a step forward, but for him should immediately step back.

Laborers held in 2013 year study about high-speed rail, that amount was spent $ 20 million, and recommended the establishment of a corridor, leading to the East Coast.

However, the project stalled again, When the Advisory Group Hi Aids Reil / High Speed Rail was dissolved by the Government as part of Abbott's budget cuts.

But this month, high-speed rail project again has been identified as one of the priorities of the Government in the framework of the so-called plan Turnbull (Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull) infrastructure development Australia , and the Government had recommended the establishment of a corridor between Melbourne and Brisbane for the future development.

The report also notes, that to 2075 Year, urban Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to exceed the level of 30 millions of people, that would cause it to exceed its passenger traffic also, who will be able to provide existing and planned rail, automotive and aviation services.



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