Risks of conquering Mount Everest

7 July, 2010




Риски пoкoрeния ЭвeрeстaIzvestny alpinist from Adelaidy Dunkan Chessell rasskazal, HOW TO OH okazalsya nesposoben pomoch two other alpinistam, kotorye umerla, pytayas dobitsya vershiny Everesta ye the vtornik dnem.

Чeссeлл, kotory stal nA dnyax pervym avstraliytsem, three raza dostigshim vershiny vysotoy 8848 m, okazalsya nesposoben posodeystvovat yaponskomu and yuzhnoamerikanskomu alpinistam.

"Emerging at the time we poprosili assistance odnomu âponskomu alpinist, podnyavshemusya do nas proshloy nochyu ", - From its opinion Čessell achieved bazisnogo stock. - "To sozhaleniyu, мы кoгдa oтыскaли eгo, OH was uzhe mertv ".

"Крoмe тoгo, inoj climbers from amerikanskoj commands, Last time was kotoraya nA vershine sletu with nami, pogib nA spuske, and we DO NOT have to reconcile sostoyanii pomoch emu ".

IT'S DO NOT uzhe 1-ye smertelnye cases, which ran for Chessell great Mount Everest. In his first attempt to conquer the highest mountain of the world, in 2001 g, his partner on the climb, Mark Oricht, was 200 м. from the top to this, What turned back because of bad weather. Oricht sought refuge in the camp of the Australian Defence Force at the height of 7900 м., but fell into a swoon and died on the following day.m

Chessella wife - also a climber - Joe Arnold, talked briefly with her husband at their base camp. She said, that he "seemed pleased with himself and the whole team".

Mrs. Arnold said, povsevremenno that climbers sometimes talked about the discovery of bodies of other climbers.

"I'm not sure, that would like to know; he (spouse) tells me good things ", - Said Mrs. Arnold.

She knows about the risk of unsurpassed Alpine, especially after the death of a close friend and partner of Chessella climbing.

"I always keep this in mind, and he, too, ", - She said.

In a statement,, made last, Chessell said, that he was faced with terrible weather conditions during the ascent.

"There was a blizzard", - He said. - "The wind was, at least the last, 30-40 nodes on the upper slopes, and the frost was -26 ˚ C, but we did not stop ".

Climber from Adelaide and mother of three children, Cathy Sara, which was on the team with eight other climbing parties, became the first woman from South Australia, which struck down Mount Everest. She also avoided talking about death options with her husband Tim.

"It recognizes the, that it is absolutely not an easy task; while waiting for news to me - always takes place in the tension ", - He said.




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