Family found off the coast of Florida on the golden treasures $ 300 Thd.

4 Сентябрь, 2013


The hoard was found in Fort Pierce / Fort Pierce.

Some of the gold things found by the family

Corals and exotic fish – it's certainly wonderful, But imagine, find worth $ 300000 of sunken treasures in your next underwater dive.

It was amazing., when a family from Florida discovered gold coins and jewels last weekend, who have been buried at the bottom of the ocean for centuries.
«It's like the limit of dreams.", said dad Rick Schmitt, shining radiant smile.

Wealth – including 20 meter gold chains, five coins and a ring – lay only five meters below the surface of the ocean at Fort Pierce.

The find took place, thanks to a fleet of Spanish ships, which sank during a powerful hurricane off the coast of Florida almost 300 years ago, When more 1000 showers and countless treasure chests swallowed up by a water grave.



Inventories of ships show, what was approximately 400 millions of dollars of treasure on their deck. Much of this has been found in the years since the storm;, but historians believe, that there are millions more, which will be found among the wreckage.

It is a popular diving spot for treasure hunters, such as Brent Brisbane, who owns the rights to dive in these places and has already discovered many dazzling riches. In the last few months, his ships were raised from the bottom 51 a coin worth about $ 250 000.
«It's indescribable. – be the first person, which touches an artifact for the first time 300 summer ago», said Mr. Brisbane. «They were there., behind 150 years before the Civil War. It's truly remarkable., be able to bring it back».

The wreckage of history inspired the 2008 on the creation of the romantic comedy "Fool's Gold", in which Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are engaged in a deplorable search for a treasure worth several million dollars (although the film was indeed shot in the Great Barrier Reef area and in Port Douglas).

But be careful, it may take several years, before the hunt to bring you something of value. Families Schmitt is experienced underwater archaeologists, but they have not found anything previously, except for old stuff.

«We are a world-class recyclers», joked daughter Hillary Schmitt, saying, that broken rods and old beer cans are the most common treasure in the sea.

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