Sydney dominated the list of most expensive suburbs in Australia

22 Октябрь, 2013


Mansion at: 16 Pacific Street, Watson Bay for sale at a price of about $ 10 Million.

These mansions are such magnificent inclusion, how to golf roof, deepwater marina or wine cellar 2000 bottles – and more eyes on the forehead climb at a price tag.
With the end of the global financial crisis, Sydney saw a growth in sales of property with six zeros to the price tag.

10 Sydney's most expensive homes.

Leadership belongs to the eastern suburbs, where Michael Paler from Sotheby's International Realty sold nine mansions, worth more 10 Million. each, This year alone,.
Buyers with cash could think about the House at the address 60 Wunulla Rd in Paper, for which the seller is expecting to get a tidy sum in 40 million dollars.

This House, owned by the alcoholic beverage industry vorotile John Pivenju and now offered for sale on special instructions from Cellarmasters, It was restored to the glory of King Edward just two years ago.

They, anyone looking for cheap, may be home for $ 15 Million. with a small, at the address 17 Stanley Avenue, in Mosmane. It is the second oldest House in one of the oldest suburbs of Sydney, his restoration of Italian specialists were engaged in for construction of the villas.

For a really reasonable choice, There is always a House by address: 11 Holbrook Ave., Kirribilli – that is just SNiPom and costs around $ 10 Million.

House: 2, Babworth House, Darling Point - about 20 million dollars.



Despite the enormous price, Mr. Paler believes, that there is still room for market growth.

«I do not think, that we may well have returned to the, that was on the market before the crisis, we can never say, that this activity stopped again», said Mr. Palheiro.

He said,, that there is no shortage of cash was not among those buyers, are eyeing the high-end real estate. » In Sydney a lot of money, so that these great prices may well be achievable.»

Data from recent surveys show, in the suburbs of Sydney are currently eight of the 10 the country's most expensive mansions. Exclusive enclave of Point Piper is, home to Malcolm Turnbull and «Ozzy» Джон Саймондс, this place is the most expensive suburb in Australia, with the average value of the property around $ 6.1 Million.





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