Middlesex – пол «X»

15 Сентябрь, 2011


The Australian Government has adopted a resolution, which allows citizens in passports except male and female sex indicate «Х» – «X»,  – «undefined».

Senator Louise Pratt, commenting on the new law declared, passport stamp on sex and do not always correspond to the appearance of the person specified in his or her passport sex, that   created an unpleasant precedents.   as a result, the Australian Government   and passed a law allowing citizens ' passports in addition to male and female sexes indicate Paul «X».

Senator Louise Pratt also believes, that this form when you specify gender, significantly improve the situation of persons with transsexual status, naprmier when traveling to other countries.



"People are often detained at the airport at the border because, that their passports do not reflect, what they look like in reality. It was hard, uncomfortably, and often dangerous. Now people, sex change, can travel abroad without problems ", – added Sen..

Prior to the adoption of the law, allowing Australian citizens in passports apart from males and females indicate the floor «X», residents of the country could change the stamp in the passport of sex only after a full transgender surgery.




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