So who is it that discovered Australia?

22 Май, 2013


About, Australia discovered that not English Captain James Cook 1770 году, modern historical science yearavno to date. It is believed that writing in Australia appeared much earlier, namely 1606 году, when the Dutch explorer Willem Jansson landed in the region. However, the sailor did not understand, I founYearcontinent unknown, the land "Terra Incognita".
Later 1616 , another sailor from the Netherlands captain of the ship "Eendracht" («Agreement») Dirk Hartog landed on the island in Shark Bay and sailed along the desert coast of the new land.

And in 1642 by Abel Tasman discovered the island, who gave his name Tasmania – the largest island, belonging to modern Australia.
It was only in 1770 by Briton James Cook landed on the east coast of Australia. And in January 1778 , the British established the first colony in Australia at Botany Bay. In the XIX century, the British established several colonies in Australia, which led to conflicts with the local Aboriginal people, that supposedly sailed here 40-60 thousand years ago. Aborigines fought against the invaders until the end of the Second World War, resulting in greatly reduced their numbers.



At the end of the war, in 1944 godu Mori Aйzenberg, who served in the Australian Army on uninhabited islands Wessel accidentally found on the coast of one of the few islands of ancient coins. He kept this discovery for many years, and only in 1979 by Doctors, Museum officials. They confirmed that the coins are dated around 900 -1300 years BC. and most likely could belong to African Kilwa Sultanate. The collection of coins, Eisenberg found, which he kept in a tin, Also a few coins Dutch East India Company, which date 1690 Year.

This finding is a long time no one is not particularly interested in, пока о ней не узнал совсем недавно ученый из американского Университета Индианы Ян Макинтош. He put forward two versions and is going to organize an expedition to Australia to confirm, either that Australia was opened long before Cook Africans, inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, and the Indians and carried with it a roaring trade in antiquities, or antique copper coins came to the island after a shipwreck.

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