Ugg boots - fashion shoes from Australia

29 Май, 2013


Known throughout the world avstraliskie boots of 100% Sheepskin Ugg boots are really in demand. And not only for mere mortals, but the stars of cinema and socialite of high society, shining on the secular parties.

Памела Андерсон

True peak of the boom in demand, say in a country like the U.S. these shoes, which was originally worn only by Australian farmers and surfers came in 2000 year, When ugg boots have attracted Hollywood stars such as Pamela Anderson and Kate Hudson. In the shoes ugg boots have many stars shine at parties in the TV show and wear daily. After such a powerful PR ugg boots began to spread rapidly around the world and even began to appear, and their quality is not very counterfeiting in countries such as the Netherlands or China.
Subsequently, however, many of the stars of cinema abandoned ugg for the love of animals, after all, these boots are really made of sheep skin.



As you know Australia is ranked first in the world in the production of wool – 426 million pounds per year, which is much higher than the level of production of its nearest competitor, North Africa, which produces only 47 Million. kg.

If the fashion in recent years in America, ugg boots substantially subsided, Conversely, in Russia is gaining momentum. Now ugg boots - a new fashion trend in the Russian market, and these shoes can often be seen along with the classic in the windows of many Russian shoe stores or even order online with delivery.
Externally ugg boots pretty sweet, concise and look a bit childish. They are low, soft to oshup, have a rounded nose and a flat sole, usually made of rubber. Many designers in recent years as a basis for using the ugg boots, add to them a variety of decorations - shnurochki, Bows, rhinestones and even heels.
Classic ugg boots, made from 100% sheepskin is extremely practical for very cold climates Russia. They are environmentally, as made from natural ingredients, foot in them breathes and does not freeze in wet weather.
Many travelers, coming to Australia certainly try to buy ugg boots in their homeland, ugg boots because it's not just a good practical and fashionable shoes, but also a great souvenir, which will keep your memories of this wonderful country.




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