In Australia are going to introduce a tax on floods

19 May, 2013


In the Australian state of Queensland government decided to introduce a new tax on floods, they are going to take with the locals. Funds from the innovations planned to start the construction of new and the renovation and repair of existing hydro. Such a measure, According to the state government will prevent the devastating effects of the elements.

The exact amount of the tax has not been determined. But if it is already introduced 1 July (start date of the new fiscal year), that according to the calculations of the authorities, you can get around 1 billion. $ in the next 4-5 years.

Australian states of Queensland and is located next to New South Wales in the last few years have not once been subjected to heavy flooding. So, «The worst flooding in recent 75 years'Occurred in Queensland in the late 2010, when the water level in some rivers rose 16 meters and was flooded area exceeds the size of France and Germany combined. In that year, affecting more than 200 tych. and killed 36 man. Many residents of the towns in the state have been evacuated, and the economic damage from the flood was about 6 billion. $.



After 2011- early 2011 years, when the cyclone hit the country "Grant", tropical storms caused, Many rivers also overflowed. We wrote about this in his article "In Australia, the continuing flood». Many residents were then isolated in their homes, and some were evacuated by police and rescue workers without their consent.

The impacts of floods 2010 – 2011 he. impact on the growth of Australia's budget surplus is still, so the authorities have gone on not so popular with the inhabitants of the country measures. Perhaps, it is linked to changes in immigration policy and significant relief in obtaining work visas for those wishing to migrate to Australia.
Also to replenish the treasury Australian authorities have a vested interest in increasing numbers of tourists to the country, that grows from year to year. So, in 2012 , the number of tourists exceeded 6 млн. man. Russian tourist arrivals to Australia is growing much more rapidly and grew up in the same year by almost 17% составив почти 18 тыс. чел. Etpeoplefra certainly does not go to any comparison with the demand of Russians say on Greece , которые в нынешнем году прогнозируется на уровне более 1 млн. чел. But if we recall 2008 year, thethRussian tourist flow to Greece was only about 20 тыс. people., almost as now in Australia. Who knows, may be five years from now the situation with Russian tourists to Australia will also change for the better and the authorities of this country will not have to tax people so exotic taxes to replenish the treasury and disaster management.





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