Bali: an exotic paradise for tourists!

8 December, 2013


Sunset at Tanah lot, Bali. Stunning sunsets in Bali is a short flight from Australia.

Holiday at the beach, before the study's heartland, from the bright lights of the city to the privacy and tranquillity of the mountains – This is the easy part of the journey.
The hard part – choose, Where to go.

Within a few hours you can sit behind the wheel of a car, driving through the vineyards in the Barossa Valley, or riding a camel to move along the coast of Keble Beach Broome / Cable Beach Broome, or SIP a cocktail on the beach in Vanuatu.

Exotic beach holidays in Bali-it's tempting.
The golden beaches of Bali and peaceful rice terraces form a backdrop to the picturesque landscaping, from which I want to hold my breath.

High cliffs descending to the dazzling sandy beaches and Green River valleys with lush with tropical forests.
On this paradise island really captures the spirit of.



And there's more good news for Aussies: Bali is easy to reach and service here is pretty budget. The island offers affordable shopping, good and tasty local food and budget accommodations in the average price range for ultra-luxury resorts.
For Russians will cost certainly more expensive, than for Australians, as the flight will be the main item of expenditure.

The island is still a magnet for International Hotel Association. This year they otkrytli new hotels, including Mercury Bali Nusa Dua, Anantra Uluvati resort and Spa, Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran Bay and Bali's Regent.

While Bali has a reputation as a cheerful and sunny beach holiday, However, it offers much more, than cocktails and cold beer.
To be continued >>





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