Philippines – жемчужина Океании!

30 Январь, 2014


Pocketful of pearls, abandoned in the Pacific Ocean-this is what the State of the Philippines, that surprises visitors with its identity and diversity.
The only minus is a long and tiring flight is forgotten in the first minutes of finding this place blagoslovlennom. you always can arrange in the Sunrise tour».

Philippines-country, You can fly endlessly-no joke-more 7000 Islands and each of them has its own character, its atmosphere. It is best to plan your beach vacation on Boracay island. Secluded small islands with white sand beaches cottages and warehouses-for those, who wants to take a break from the crowds is the island of Visajas. Large and long island coastlines, created to surf from one year to attract active young people. I want to stay active and ecotourism - better not find Mindanao.



Capital of the Philippines-Manila-shakes its modernity-huge skyscrapers evoke memories of Hong Kong. The greatest number of monuments in the capital, as well as in the ancient city of Cebu.
Numerous excursions to help you learn more about the Islands, to get acquainted with its history, the exotic culture.

Lovely kitchen-Filipinos are rightly proud of it-will satisfy tastes of the most discerning consumers. She's sharp and bright, exciting passion and soothing in the extreme heat. Essentially cuisine reflects the nature of the Filipinos and the atmosphere of their Islands.

On every island, you can write an encyclopedia-in fact every tree, each animal is a rare species, that grows only in this amazing place.
Visit the Philippines for Russians means to visit another world. Everything will be new-and a dazzling sun and ineffably beautiful Pacific Ocean and the boundless blue sky. And well-developed infrastructure, a rich selection of hotels and excursions will enjoy all the benefits of the magnificent Islands to its fullest.




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