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26 Июль, 2013




Куинстаун – (in the translation of the Queen City) located in the southwestern part of the island called «South» New Zealand. On the shores of the small glacial lake Huacatip. The city is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges.
The history of the queenstown dates back to the days of «gold rush», when groups of colonists, 100 people who were found to be breeding sheep accidentally found gold on the banks of one of the rivers. This find led to rapid population growth and, as a result, the birth of a new city.
Climate «The city of the queen» very moderate, temperatures in winter range from + 1 before + 10 degrees, In the summer +10 – 22. The height difference is 1650 M.
Куинстаун – International resort city. A great place for outdoor enthusiasts : ski slopes, rafting, Kayaks, Canoe, diving, hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, invigorating jump, flight on a glider and more make this place a paradise for fans of extreme sports and recreation.
In its geographical location and tourist diversity and capabilities, the city is somewhat reminiscent of Adler, and at prices little different from housing in queenstown.
Nightlife is also full of entertainment, lots of bars, nightclubs and restaurants that offer you Italian dishes, Chinese, Thai, and of course the local cuisine will make your visit here unforgettable. Particular attention should be paid to the nature of these places, after all of the above is only an addition to the delightful landscapes of these places. The mountains are magnificent, Mountain air is clean and fresh, and there are rare species of animals and birds in the forests here.
The highlight of the resort is the famous Valley with its rolling hills Fjords, cliffs and waterfalls with clear water.
Also, all visitors to the city to visit the national parks offer
Fiordland и Mount Aspiring , Here you can experience the unique atmosphere of the fauna of New Zealand.
In Queenstown there is an international airport, it can take flights from major cities in New Zealand, as well as flights from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.




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