Лучшее на Фиджи: для любителей отдыха в бутик-отелях

19 December, 2013


Фиджи, Сува. 5 Princess Boutique Hotel.

Пять Принцесс / Five Princes, Сува


City of Suwa, often overlooked, but it's worth spending one or two nights here., because it is the largest and busiest city in Fiji. Suwa boasts more than just a few beautiful colonial buildings, gardens and stunning spot by the sea, but there is also a good Indian and Chinese restaurants.

Impressions of your visit will be enhanced by a stay at the Five Princess/Five Princes Hotel, it's a typical colonial, on the facade of the mansion, was once Harold Gatti's home / Harold Gatty, Australian pilot, who founded Fiji Airway / Fiji Airways.

This quiet, small hotel especially loved by diplomat and all sorts of wealthy businessmen. Five Princesses located in a tropical garden, there's an upgraded swimming pool, which Gatti built in 1930 Year – first in Suva. Stay in one of our rooms with polished hardwood floors, in the spacious main house or in one of the detached villas in a garden close to the swimming pool. Cost doubles starts $ 130, without breakfast.

Don't miss: walk on a steamboat on the harbor and the Pacific Islands with homemade meals on the deck overlooking the rooftops and treetops Suva and beyond.



Как добраться

Aer Pacific / Air Pacific, which is to be a replacement for Fiji Airweis this year, makes regular direct flights to Nadi from Sydney. There are domestic flights linking Nadi and Suva and other Fijian destinations.

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