Dominican Republic: what you should know?


Holidays in Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic-country records, where is the oldest town of Santo Domingo from across America, самое большое в мире соленое озеро и самая высокая в Карибском бассейне гора – пик Дуарте.

The main population in the Dominican Republic it blacks, mulattos and Creoles.
Dominican Peso-State currency. 1 peso is equal to 100 centavos. On par with the local currency for calculations used dollar. Banks or hotels, You can exchange foreign currency.

In the tourism sector are spoken mainly in English, German, французском и итальянском языках.

Летнее время отстает от московского на 9 часов, а зимнее на 8 часов.
If you want to visit the Dominican Republic it is recommended to get vaccinated against yellow fever disease.



For drinking, it is recommended to use only purified or bottled mineral water.

Almost all hotels are working on an "all inclusive". This means that for all entertainment, food, and drinks already no need to pay, all paid voucher. The tip is partially credited to the cost of service.

In the tourist area of numerous souvenir shops and stores offer tourists to purchase different products from ceramics, wood, Amber and bone. Demand Creole dolls and souvenirs Tainos Indians. Most major shopping centres are located in Santo Domingo, where can I buy for quite affordable prices and good quality clothes and shoes.

At local bazaars mainly sellers use their measurement system. It may be Tin, measure the length of an outstretched arm. Fruits are sold by the piece, and the cost depends on the size of the.

For persons from 25 years with driving licence and credit card international standard it is possible to rent a car. But it is worth to remember about rightsided.




Dominikanskaya respublika!

Dominican Republic-Latin exotic edge with interesting culture and life, ancient history and unforgettable architecture. Almost all the coast-continuous beach with fine white sand and very clean with warm water. Republic is located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago and is the second-largest after Cuba. Read the rest of this entry »

Коморские острова.

Коморские острова

The Comoros is an ideal place for those, кто мечтает отдохнуть в экзотических райских тропиках. The Islands are located in the Indian Ocean, in the northern part of the Mozambique Channel.

All the Islands are of volcanic origin of this place, and there are active volcanoes, steaming, ready to explode at any moment, But despite this here constantly tourists, to relax among the beautiful mountains of dense tropical forests, See craters, caves, waterfalls and relax on beautiful sandy beaches. Of course this place is more appreciated by lovers of the exotic, rather than tourists preferring beach vacations. Simply laze on the beach here will not work, because there are so many interesting things, starting from spearfishing and ending with hiking excursions to volcanoes. It is best to come here from May to September, When the weather is dry and cool, the temperature at this time does not rise above 25 degrees Celsius. If you want to purchase a ticket here, You can go to the , and find all necessary travel information.

All the uniqueness of the Comoros is in rare species of animals, which are found nowhere else on Earth, for example, marine green turtles. And in coastal waters inhabited by large sharks, many species of fish, shrimp, lobsters, crabs etc.. And fish the Coelacanth, she dwelt on Earth approximately 380 millions of years and for a long time was considered extinct.

Tourists coming to the Islands often engaged in diving here, as this place is surrounded by coral reefs on all sides and is considered to be the most attractive for dipping. There are on islands and places, where fishing is permitted.

Not only the underwater world of the island has a unique beauty, many fine rainforest plants, such as Palms, Jasmine, eucalyptus, Basil and many other herbs and shrubs. Here you can find a truly exotic animals and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Culture of the Islanders also deserves attention, It is rich in national traditions and beliefs. Here there are beautiful palaces, ancient mosque, historical Arab quarters. А местные жители невероятно гостеприимны и с радостью встречают путешественников. Несмотря на редки колорит этого места, здесь есть и современные магазины и торговые центры, clubs and restaurants, and you can stay at the splendid hotel. And on the Comoros today very simply, It suffices to refer to a qualified travel agent.


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