A trip on the May Valley on Praslene Seychelles usually not arranged

13 February, 2015


Shoprunning - an important part of tourism in Western Europe - takes no time, The museum can be viewed in thirty minutes. Large hotels are located outside the settlements, Usually on bays and bays, and tourists spend the lion's share of their time in the Seychelles as holidaymakers, in comfortable sanatoriums, only without doctors and their prescriptions.

The Seychelles Government is committed to preserving and developing this kind of "quiet" full-rest tourism. Multiple territories, usually sparsely populated, stand out as tourist zones. Even the height of hotel buildings is regulated - they should not rise above the crowns of coconut palms.

Action is being taken, to be run by the Seychelles themselves, not burnt managers from European or American companies, able to pump money by any means and direct them to the safes of the owners and in their pockets. And of course, all attempts under the guise of tourism to interfere in the affairs of the country are thwarted, influence the political environment in it.



"The tourism industry is useful and healthy, if it benefits the people of the host country. Tourism industry, which enriches only importers and contractors, there is no place in the Front's program",recorded in the decision of the Congress of the Progressive Front of the People of Seychelles in June 1978 year. "Tourism cannot be our bread, rather it's butter on bread. Bread must be that, that we'll get our labor off our land, from our oceans" - in these words ends part of the resolution of the congress, dedicated to tourism. And it is this course that the Seychelles government is now pursuing in the development of the country's economy.

Ocean Casino, paradise for "playboys" and jaded loafers beautiful archipelago will not. Here, guests from all over the world are welcome and welcome with joy and hospitality, if they behave, as it should be guests in someone else's house. However, the Seychelles are also trying to infiltrate "tourists" with assault rifles, modern pirates - mercenaries, disembarking from airliners.

Independent, anti-militaristist position of Seychelles leaders haunts some in the U.S., Western Europe, SOUTH AFRICA. Attempts to take control of a small ocean republic, return to power henchmen and agents of neo-colonialism do not stop.

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