Perhaps this is the best place for snorkeling?

11 Ноябрь, 2013


Aerial view of the Bolongo Bay Beach / Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. Photo: NewsComAu.

Find rum using tubes and masks… is this seriously!

If you're a fan of snorkelers and doing only search for fish, keep way to Virgin Islands, There you can use your handset… find rum.

Snorkeling usually spend time for observations from the life of fish and other marine life in coral reefs… If you're lucky.



Bolongo Bay Beach / Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, which is located on the idyllic island of St. Thomas is a resort, that is part of the United States Virgin Islands. Snorkelers will compete here once a week, to find a bottle of rum.

Family resort holds a weekly hunting for bottles of rum, formal and very comparably these competitions are called «Tube Booze Hunting». Resort Ocean hides bottles of rum brand Croix / Cruzan, who is the local rum, Virgin Islands, which is produced in the neighbouring island of Saint Croix. Guests have one chance out of two on the menu provided in local rum, with about half the number of bottles for guests are strategically located at the bottom of the ocean.
They, who are not fortunate enough to find a bottle under water, can still taste the local rum above ground level in the Spa bar.
And those, who finds more than one bottle, asked to leave the second hidden for other guests.

Such kind of rest-surprise many really like and the hotel has regular visitors, It is not the first time coming here. If you too are excellent such proposal, feel free to go to the United States Virgin Islands, at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort.

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