Lake Eyre

12 April, 2010


Озеро Эйр (Lake Eyre)Lake Eyre ( Eyre) In rare cases, a filling is the largest lake in Australia, and the lowest point of its – about 15 m below sea level. This is the central point of the vast Lake Eyre Basin.

The lake is located in the desert of central Australia, in upstate South Australia . Lake Eyre basin is a closed system, surrounding the lake bed, lower part of which is filled with a dense layer of saline soils due to the seasonal evaporation of trapped water.

Even in the dry season in the Air is a little water, which normally meets in a small lake, formed on the dried-up bed of a salt lake. During the rainy season the river from the north-east Квинсленда flow into the lake.

The amount of water, brought by the monsoon, determines, whether the water comes from the lake; and if so, then how deep is the lake. On the lake there are also small and medium-sized floods due to rains, falling on the surrounding areas.




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