Lake Frome

12 April, 2010


Озеро Фром (Lake Frome)Lake Frome ( Frome) - A large closed lake in the Australian state South Australia,located to the east of the Flinders Ranges.

Frome is a large, shallow lake is drying up, covered with a crust of salt. The lake is about 100 км, and width - 40 км. Mokmf the lake is below sea level. Lake occasionally fills with water from the River Strzelecki Creek in the north.

In the west, Lake Frome adjacent to the National Park Ridge Vulkatuna-Gammon (Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park), the north is connected with the river of Salt Creek and Lake Kallabonna, on the east by the Strzelecki Desert,and in the south - with the pasture, "Frome Downs".


Rainfall in the region, where there is a lake, minimum, and the nearest town, Village Arkarula, is 40 km north-west. In the immediate vicinity of the lake there are two major uranium deposits.



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