Pink Lake Hiller

12 Апрель, 2010


Озеро Хиллер (Hillier) Australian Pink Lake. Pink Lake Hiller (Hillier)is on the edge of Middle Island (Middle Island)covered with thick forests. Middle Island - one of hundreds of small islands in the archipelago Research, scattered along the southern coast Western Australia.

Shallow salt lake Hiller, surrounded by a belt of white salt, something more like a fairytale, than the actual natural formation in the middle of the ocean. On all sides it is surrounded by greenery different types of eucalyptus, that of the dark blue waves of the ocean separates the narrow strip of white sand.

A feature of this lake is its bright pink color. Color is permanent, and does not change, When water is drawn into the container. The lake is about six hundred meters. A narrow strip of land consisting of sand dunes covered with vegetation, and separates the lake from the ocean.

In 1950 G. group of researchers tried to find out, why the pink lake. They are expected, in the waters of the lake have any algae, causing the pink color, Red algae such as (Dunaliella salina). This type of algae in a saltwater highlights red dye, what is the cause of pink color of many lakes in this region.

To utter surprise, studies have shown the lake water Hiller, that there is no trace of any algae. And to this day remains a mystery, that it gives the pink lake.



The first record of the lake belongs to the pink 1802 Year, when here on his way to Sydney, stopped the British explorer Matthew Flinders and the hydrograph. After his visit, followed by several short-lived attempts to use the island for industrial purposes. In the 20-40s of the XIX century there lived the seal hunters and whaling, At the beginning of the XX century from the lake began to extract the salt. After six years of salt mining has ended, and since then, the island attracts tourists only, who want to see the most amazing natural feature of Australia.

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