Julian Assange – WikiLeaks founder plans to become a senator of Australia

24 March, 2012


Julian Assange – founder of the controversial website WikiLeaks, who published thousands of sensitive political and diplomatic documents, plans to run for the Australian Senate and become Senator of Australia.

Currently Julian Assandzh is under house arrest in the UK, defending his innocence and trying to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is accused of several rapes.

He resides on the territory of the Ecuadorian Embassy in very decent conditions. He has a separate room with a bed., computer, treadmill and even a mini solarium.



WikiLeaks reports, that Julian Assandzh has big plans for the future and intends to run for the Australian Senate and become a Senator in his native Australia.

According to the Constitution of Australia, a person may refuse to run for the Senate in Australia only, If he has been convicted of a crime and is serving a sentence already or soon will begin his serve. When this is taken into account a sentence of a year and more.

WikiLeaks reviewed this information and came to the conclusion, that Julian Assandzh does not fall into any item that could hinder him to run for the Senate and   rely on senatorial seats in Parliament. There is no information which Australian States intended to represent WikiLeaks founder.

Now   case Assandzh see Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, If the outcome of the case in the UK will be negative, that Julian Assange will only appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in France, if denied will be in France, it will give the authorities in Sweden Assange.

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