Favorite of the opposition, Tony Abbott promises more money for security

25 July, 2010


Фaвoрит oппoзиции Тoни Aббoтт oбeщaeт бoльшe дeнeг для бeзoпaснoстиPobeditel oppozitsii Toni Ebbott seychas made ye the Frimantle, chto in Zapadnoy Avstralii. He tam obvinil leyboristov in enough solid measures to strengthen the security of portov.Toni Ebbott poobeschal pochti $100 to strengthen safety millionov at ports and airports, Australia.

Abbott delivered, that the coalition Government will allocate an additional $35 million for the installation of the massive screens, so they showed the goods and commodities, and return those $60 Million, That, as he uttered, were recovered from the Australian Customs Service under the Government of Rudd-Gillard.



He uttered, that not all the difficulties related to border protection applicants to receive political shelter in Australia.

He said,, that as a result of large-scale reductions on the initiative of the labour, marine cargo inspections declined by 25%, and inspections in Australian airports have fallen on 75%.

Since Abbott was examined by x-ray screen in Fremantle, he uttered, What DOP tools will mean, What else 52 000 marine cargo and at least 7.5 million air cargo can be painstakingly inspected on importation to Australia.

Abbott declined approving Gillard on how, they adhere to a model point of view on controversial dilemma for political shelter.

He said: "We have an indisputable fact, that Ms. Gillard against temporary visas, protecting the "Boatmen"-illegal immigrants ".

Abbott also did comparison, that when Howard Government, in the midst of extreme economic boom, immigration in the country has reached a peak in 200 000 people. But at the Labour Party, in the midst of a global monetary crisis, Immigration peaked in 300 000.

He uttered, what then was abolished link between stiffness in safeguarding borders and public opinion, supporting immigration.

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