The crocodile was right!

9 Сентябрь, 2013




So, rights was a predictor Large crocodile Wendell, When chose Tonny Abbot as the winner three days before the elections to the Parliament of Australia (We wrote about this in the this Article).
On elections 7 September the Coalition Liberals became more 80% votes. And former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd congratulated his opponent on the evening of the same day. Labour party got the worst results of balloting since the 30-ies of the last century.
In Parliament, the Coalition has received for today 88 мест, в то время как бывшая правящая партия Лейбористов тольplacesn> 54. Recall, that it is necessary to form a government 76 мест, Ie 50% + One (total in the Australian Senate 150 мест).
According to Tony Abbott, First, what's he going to do, when he becomes prime minister, he'll repeal the carbon tax, Which one, As a matter of fact, holding back Australia's economy.
» The carbon tax was a handbrake on the NSW economy, and I'll be persuading Premier O'Farrell today, that my top priority is the legislative scrapping of the carbon tax because, that it will be a shot of adrenaline for local businesses and also a relief for families".
Mr Abbott will be formally sworn in later this week, and until he can issue any instructions to public service for a few days.
He is due to be formally re-approved as Liberal leader at a party leadership meeting in Canberra later this week.
The Daily Telegraph has learned, Mr. Abbott, likely, return to parliament as early as mid-October and the first act of the Parliament will repeal the carbon tax.

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