Distrust and drop the rating of the Government of Australia

5 Май, 2012


Despite statements by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, it «lead the party in the elections to the 2013 Year», louder hear appeals in favor of no confidence in the Government of Australia.
For this was a series of scandals, erupted recently in the ruling party, which led to a sharp drop in the rating of the Government of Australia.

The reason for the distrust and the fall rating of the ruling Labor Party of Australia are two scandals with sexual overtones.
So Speaker Peter Slipper accused of sexually assaulting his former assistant and in violation of the tax legislation of Australia, and MP Greg Thompson was suspected of using official credit card to pay for prostitutes and other entertainment.
Prior to clarify all the circumstances of the speaker temporarily stepped down as head of parliament, A deputy at the insistence of Prime Minister Julia Gillard has left the party.



Rating of the ruling Labour Party has fallen to record low 30 percent, and according to surveys conducted, more than half of Australians are in favor of the removal of the current cabinet and early elections.

Besides, According to the survey, conducted among the population of the newspaper «Sydney Daily Telegraph», 52 percent of voters feel the need to declare a vote of no confidence in the government, and 54 percent of respondents believe, that Australian Prime Minister Gillard is personally responsible for all of this and tried to pull down those involved in the scandals.

Currently, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard is doing everything possible, to prevent such a scenario.
Some experts also predict, that the Labour Government «not dotyanet» until next year, and will be forced to resign.

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