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4 Сентябрь, 2013


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На фото: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is standing with members of the Australian Defence Force at Holsworthy army base.

Continuation of a series of articles in a series of «Pre-election promises Labor Party and the Liberals», Start.

If you work in the field of public health or public services …

The Labour Party will spend $ 30,6 Million. to support more than 5800 workers from these sectors of the economy, and to maintain such groups, as people with disabilities, the elderly and bringing up young children.

If you work and educate yourself …



Labour would like to postpone and reconsider the introduction $ 2000 covering tax deductions for self-education expenses.
The Liberal Coalition has called on Labour to abolish the coating completely, but does not seek to do the same.

If you work for defense …

Labour would like to take action, to all families, in which there is a person from a group of personnel working for the defense of Australia could be able to receive compensation for expenses when visiting a general practitioner.
The coalition also reimburses similar costs for the family.. The coalition plans to increase defense spending to 2 percent of GDP from the current level of 1,59 percent in a decade.

If you do not like the carbon tax …
The Labour Party would like to stop payment for a fixed carbon price from next July. Families will be able in this case to save an average of $ 380 in the first year, as well as leave in place the package, associated with the carbon tax for families, but instead of a fixed amount to enter the emissions trading scheme with a floating price on carbon emissions – about $ 6 per ton.
The Coalition will cancel the carbon tax. Instead of creating a fund to reduce emissions 3 billion, need to set aside money in response to a reduction in tenders for projects, to reduce carbon emissions.

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