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Labour's election promises and liberals




Кевин Радд и Тони ЭбботтDo not know, whom to give preference in the election 7 September? We'll help you decide!
Last month, the National Press Club debated the party's election campaigns, participating in this weekend's upcoming parliamentary elections in Australia.
Compare some of the most typical election promises and planned cuts, which the leader of Australia's ruling house has made with 1996 Labor Party and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and leader of the opposition Coalition, Liberal Party - Tony Abbott. We hope this will help you decide the right choice for these two main political forces in Australia. Read the rest of this entry »

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Australia joined the West's position towards Syria

After some media have reported the use of 21 August by Syrian government forces chemical weapons in the vicinity of Damascus against rebels, many Western countries have started talking in earnest about the possibility of using air strikes on Syria.
The Australian Government also supported the position of the West about the possibility of a forceful intervention in Syria, with considers, that this can be done even without the approval of the power of the action by the UN Security Council, as the Reuters news agency was transferred Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry »

The operation to rescue workers at the Christmas Island completed

Last week, not far from Australia sank ship, on board were more 100 immigrants. The ship was heading to Australia, He rolled over and sank near Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean.

Immediately after the announcement of the tragedy of the naval forces of Australia have identified the ship and aircraft reconnaissance for search and rescue.

According to the Australian authorities they were able to save 106 person, after which the rescue operation was completed.
Presumably about five people from the vessel were missing and likely drown along with a rescue boat. This was reported by one of the survivors of emigrants.
The search for bodies had lasted for several days and were not successful. All of the rescued was taken to Christmas Island. There will try to identify them and check their health status. If you install, that these people were trying to flee to Australia from countries blizlezhayshih, such as Papua, New Guinea and Nauru, their, likely, sent back.
However, the Australian government would first have to win a lawsuit. Fact, that a lawyer Adrian Joel from Sydney, representing the interests of refugees from Papua New Guinea has filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court of Australia, wherein it requires leave refugee Australia, because he believed their former place of residence is not acceptable to them.
Mr. Joel said, that will fight to the end and if necessary, even bring the matter before the High Court of Australia.

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