Assange's victory party in the elections will not give him immunity

28 July, 2013




Джулиан Ассанж, all famous fighter for the exposure of the powerful, founder of the website Wikileaks on Thursday 25 July announced the start of work he created in Australia, a new party of the same name.
14 September in Australia, the home of journalist, elections to the Senate and the party will nominate Assange from the three states of seven candidates, among them, and the founder of Wikileaks.
According to Julian Assange at the party and he has every chance of winning the election. In an interview with The Australian, he said,, that the victory of his party and getting seats in the Senate will mean, what are the best independent journalists in Australia will be in power, and it would be a serious blow to all dishonest politicians in Canberra. He added,, that the activities of his party will be based on full transparency, accountability and the rule of law.
However,, Wikileaks even if the party wins, Assange still, most likely will not be able to come live and work in Australia, as the Australian senator has no immunity against the charges brought against him by the US and Swedish authorities. However, another person from the party will be able to sit in the Senate instead of him..
The WikiLeaks internet portal was officially registered by Julian Assange and opened in 2007 Year. The purpose of this completely non-profit project is to make public important news and information including classified and bringing it to the public. in particular, on the site were znbsp;secret materials were made public, concerning the details of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and other U.S. State Department activities around the world. This information was passed to WikiLeaks by many people completely unselfishly, including U.S. Army soldier Bradley Manning, who is currently on trial and he faces life in prison.
Since the middle of last year Julian Assange has been taking refuge in London in a separate room, In the building of the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he has a computer with Internet access, bed, treadmill and quartz lamp Sun – it's certainly not a sanatorium, but still better than the Swedish or American prison. , where he was accused of sexual harassment. Assange himself is not without reason, that the Swedes can pass it to the U.S. authorities, which he considered him an enemy of the state and for the disclosure of classified information could face the death penalty.

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