Australia will assist Julian Assange

23 Июнь, 2012


Osnovatelyu portal WikiLeaks, австралийцу Джулиану Ассанжу, ready to provide consular assistance to Australia, The Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard.

Julia Gillard at a press conference after the summit ended in Mexico «Twenty» Said: «Australia will continue to support Julian Assange in the same, we support any Australian, faced with legal difficulties or dilemmas».



Currently, Julian Assange is in the UK and last week the Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Great Britain, Julian Assange, and decided to send him to Sweden, where Assange is suspected of committing a series of sex crimes, including rape.

On Tuesday, Assange came to the Embassy of Ecuador in London with a request for asylum. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador Ricardo Patino has said, Ecuador that examines and analyzes the application, and at this time Assange will be at the Embassy «under the protection of» Ecuadorian authorities.

The founder of WikiLeaks released a statement, in which he thanked Ecuador for agreeing to consider his application. He still fears, that in the case of extradition to Sweden, eventually he will be extradited to the U.S., where, According to him, it can not wait for the death penalty for espionage.

Loud WikiLeaks scandal erupted after the publication of documents on the website the U.S. Foreign Service. In the confidential materials, laid out on WikiLeaks 29 November 2010 year, contained, in particular, very uncomplimentary remarks about world leaders.

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