Labour's election promises and liberals, chast.4

4 Сентябрь, 2013


Labour leader Kevin Rudd

Continuing a series of articles on the election promises of australia's two leading parties, participating in the parliamentary elections 7 September.


If you work in a factory …

Labour will invest $ 35,6 Million. to help almost 6800 new and existing workers in the manufacturing sector for retraining in the specialties, advanced manufacturing technologies.
A coalition of Liberals will make $ 50 Million. to transition to a grant program within two years. Grants will be available to the community, and stakeholders, to help them transition to a competitive industry.
Also, the Liberals are going to restore funding for development grants for the export market, Starting from the initial $ 50 Million. Infusions.


If you work in the public service …



Labour vows to increase public service efficiency from dividends 1,25 before 2,25 interest for three years. And they're going to cut funding for government agencies every year., to reduce operating costs for better growth.

Liberal coalition to cut 12 000 jobs. They say, that so many jobs will be lost due to natural ate-off.


If you work in the automotive industry …

Labour will issue $ 500 млн.  для финансирования автопрома к концу десятилетия и $ 300 млн. the year after 2020 year.
If you work for Toyota, Labour will help, to make Toyota invest $ 23,6 млн. before $ 12Millionн. in its local manufacturing operations.
The government will also pay $ 1 million in the current fiscal year and $ 1,4 Million. per year 2014 along 2017 a year to help Australian workers, Ford Motors.
The coalition wants to cut back on $ 500 Million. automotive financing schemes transformation, and wants to start a review of the Productivity Commission's activities in the public economy.

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