The staff has completed its opposition to the formation of

25 Июль, 2010




Штaб oппoзиции зaвeршил свoe фoрмирoвaниePredvyborny shtab oppozitsionnoy Koalitsii in kontse kontsov zavershil svoe formirovanie tolko shest days later that oposlya, as Prime Minister Julia Gillard set the date of the parliamentary elections.

In fact, all journalists, cover the campaign, could not find out the intentions of the leader of the opposition Tony Abbota and left to search for candidates in the shadow Cabinet of Ministers. The reason is simple-in the ranks of the Coalition, not all just ...

Two prominent opposition in Parliament have already called to dismiss the Director of the main opposition forces-Liberal Party-Brian Lonjejna afterward elections.

Their harsh statements reflect the long-standing difficulties within the party, associated specifically with Lonjejnom, which blamed for for inaudibility and the failure of the last campaign 2007 G.

Information Agency, After all, received an advisory notice Siim morning, and now they will be easier to cover the activities of the opposition.

As it became clear yesterday, headquarters of the Coalition will be posted on Collins Street, in the heart of the financial center of Melbourne.

Chair of Staff will be one of the favorites of the opposition, Andrew Robb - Head of a successful campaign for the Liberal Party 1996 G., When Prime Minister John Howard has.

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