Tomorrow in Australia's parliamentary elections

6 Сентябрь, 2013


Author photo: Lindon Mechielsen. Edition: News Limited.

На фото: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd during a visit to a training center in North Sydney NBN.


In anticipation of tomorrow's parliamentary elections in Australia continue to publish the list of promises major political forces in the country – the ruling Labour Party and the opposition party, the Coalition of Liberals. Top of the list in this Article.

If you are using Internet …

The Labour Party intends to build a national broadband network, which will operate at a speed 1000 Mbps to 2021 Year.

The coalition would also strive to create a broadband Internet, at least 25-100 Мбит к 2016 year and 50-100 МMB to19 Year.

If you are planning to have a baby …

You have the right to receive the current remuneration during maternity leave. Such payment runs 18 weeks and will not lower than the national minimum wage.



The Coalition will provide an opportunity for mothers, who give birth after July 2015 six months of leave with full pay, maximum $ 75 000.

If you have been a victim of terrorism …

The Coalition will assist Australians and their families, victims of terrorism abroad 10 September 2001 year in the amount of $ 75 000. Currently, this assistance will be available for future victims, but is not available for existing victims.

If you are from a number of indigenous Australians …

Labour promised a large number of measures to eliminate inequalities policy, including select $ 777 Million. within three years, to continued operation of the National partnership agreement for health and $ 1.5 trillion. to support remote local communities.

The Coalition will spend $ 10 Million. to fund four pilot sites, offering jobs to train indigenous Australians.
And also provide up to $ 45 Million. to support the model of employment GenerationOne, and the creation of jobs for 5000 Indigenous Australians.
The Coalition will also create the post of prime minister and the advisory board of indigenous peoples in the country.

If you are planning to buy a car …

The Labour Party will cancel additional tax benefits for employees, they receive when buying a car.
Coalition refuses to these planned changes.

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