Australian ibis

19 April, 2011


Australian ibis ( Threskiornis spinicollis) - A bird of the family lives in the Australian ibisovyh. Australian ibis can be found in wet areas across Australia, also Islands of Australia, large population of birds on Norfolk Island.


In the Australian ibis wings and back are brown with a greenish or purplish tinge, head is black, without feathers, the length of the bird 55 to 75 сантиметров, and a height of about 70 саcentimeters

Ibis nests in the Australian South Australia from August to January, and from February to May, prefers northern Avsraliyu.

Australian ibis usually lays two – three eggs, In rare cases, five. Ibis chicks hatch after 25 days, and become self-sufficient in five weeks.



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