Great White Egret

2 Апрель, 2011


Great White Egret ( Ardea alba) - A large wading bird of the family tsaplevyh, living on the banks of rivers, lakes and wetlands across Australia.

Great Egret fairly large bird, the height of the 94 до 104 сантиметров,weight of adult birds from 900 до 1100 Gram, tongspan of 130-145 cm.

Great white heron plumage all white, yellow beak, long and straight, feet long, dark gray and a short wedge-shaped tail. Heron long neck, S-shaped, so the bird can quickly pull or draw a neck. Tuft on his head a great white heron, which occurs in other species of herons, no.


Smooth flight heron, at about 28-51 kilometers per hour, overland great white egret moves slowly, stretching his neck in search of food. Heron hunts either alone or in groups,during the day and at dusk, , and after dark get in groups with other herons and seeks refuge.

The diet of the Great White Heron is wide and in the choice of eating poultry a little picky, the basic food ration constitute frog, Snake, fish, crayfish, small rodents, Crickets, grasshoppers and other insects of all kinds.




During the period of breeding herons have their plot and guard it carefully, but after the breeding season pairs often break up. Search for food, during the breeding season, herons prefer   near, but when   need to make the flights on the distance 6-20 km.

The period of puberty among great white herons occurs in 2 year. These herons are seasonal monogamous birds, that is, create a couple of only one breeding season, but there are rare cases of re-reunion of the same pair.   during the year, only one offspring, for the reproduction of selected spring or summer, When there are a large variety of food.

Great egrets nest in large colonies, often with other species of herons, such as great blue herons and snowy herons, the male arrives at the colony first and chooses the location for future nest.   Herons often change places nests and colonies, so males arrived approved at the new location and begin to attract females, performing ritual dances.

Interested females sit on neighbouring branches and watch, but they can run, and the meeting dance or pokruzhitsja around the future nest. The female can also chase away nearby other females. The couple is selected carefully, и одна из птиц иногда может прогнать другую. Гнездо строится сразу после того, как пара создана.

Гнездо большой белой цапли напоминает большую груду палочек и веточек, собранных в одном месте. It can persist for several years, Although the colony can move to another area or choose other trees. Material is gathered in all possible ways, including theft from neighbouring nests. Usually collecting building material deals with male, While the female puts it in the nest.

The female lays 3-6 eggs, measuring approximately   57 Mm, с интервалом 2-3 дня каждое,  яйца насиживают  как самка, так и самец. Инкубационный период составляет 23-26 дней, после чего в таком же порядке появляются практически голые и беспомощные птенцы. Among chicks begins a brutal competition for access to the parent food, причём появившиеся первыми птенцы в силу своего размера имеют преимущество перед младшими сверстниками — они могут клевать их и стараться монополизировать своё право на доступ к кормлению. If the year is very good in terms of eating, all offspring can feather, most often, however, survives two or even one chick — the rest perish. Full plumage of chicks occurs in 42-49 дней. Good about the young birds fly through 7 weeks, However, even before the 10-11 weeks they depend on parents.


Life expectancy of Great White egrets, in the wild, on average, about 15 лет, а в неволе около 22 лет. In adult herons are observed natural enemies, but eggs and chicks often hunt crows, new world Vulture   and raccoons. Mortality in birds is high, While they are in the nest, and in the first few months after feathering.




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