Black Kite

20 April, 2011


Black Kite ( Milvus migrans) - A bird of prey hawk family lives in the woods and near water bodies Northern Australia.

The Black Kite is dark brown back,ventral side of brown, sometimes with a reddish tint, beak and legs yellow bird,pale brown or yellow-brown eyes. The length of 50-60 inches of black vulture, weight of 800-1100 grams,wing length of 41-51 inches, wingspan of 140-155 cm. Females are slightly larger than the Black Kite male.

Black vulture feeds mainly on carrion, mainly on fish and other waste. Also constitute prey mammals, Birds, creeping things, Frog, live fish, insects, clams, crustaceans and worms.


Black Kite nests groups, forming a small breeding colonies. The nest in the trees has, occasionally on rocks. birds lay their eggs in late April - early May, 4.2 eggs per clutch. Eggs are incubated by the female, with some participation of male. Young birds are flying at the age of 42-45 days.


Black Kite is widespread in Russia and Ukraine,also lives in Africa (except for the Sahara), in Madagascar, in the temperate zone and southern Asia, the Philippines and New Guinea.



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