Black swan

20 February, 2011


Black swan ( Cygnus atratus) - The bird kind of swans, family of ducks, roams across Australia and the island Tasmania.

Black swan, Unlike many water birds and other species of swans is not a migratory bird and lives in shallow ponds with fresh water, and outside the mating season can be found near the shores of rivers.

Despite the fact that a black swan is not a migratory bird, Nevertheless, he is very mobile and even small disturbances in his usual habitation, could push him to change the seat, However, new location is usually located within 100 km from the old. Black Swans spend their entire lives in the same general region where they were born and grew up, responsive to changes in water level, and in dry years, a lot of swans collected on the coasts of Australia.

Plumage and legs with black swan with some white feathers hidden in the depths of, and on the edges of the wings of a swan curly feathers. Eye color varies from black swans, from orange to light brown.



In black swans, Unlike other kinds of swans,has a voice which they greet each other, while accompanied by a greeting raising and lowering the head.

Black Swan reaches the growth of 110 до 140 cm, and the weight is from 4 до 8 kg. blacbeforean has the longest neck among the swans, in flight the neck is more than half the entire length of the birds, by thirty-one cervical vertebra swan can hunt under water in the deeper waters. Black swans feed on aquatic plants, small algae and coastal grass.

Black Swans, Usually,nest in colonies, building a large nest in shallow water, they could use one nest few years, if necessary, correcting his. In building the nest, both parents participate, in the future with care and feed the offspring.

Mating season for black swans, varies depending on the region's birds and the water level. Black Swan, Like other swans, very faithful bird does not alter its partners.
The female lays in a nest of four to eight eggs, which in turn hatch both parents for six weeks. Male and female black swan with feed and protect their young, that five months after birth learn to fly.


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