Wood Duck

10 Февраль, 2011


Wood Duck (Dendrocygna eytoni) - Species of birds of the family Anatidae, living in Australia. Wood duck also called wood duck and duck Zheltonogov Eaton, in honor of its discoverer, British naturalist Thomas Campbell Eaton.

Do wood ducks predominantly brown color, dorsal plumage olive-brown, chest and neck - light gray, and red with black horizontal stripes sides.



Взрослые древесные утки достигают длины от 40 before 60 сантиметров и весят от 500 граммов до 1,5 kilogram. Birds have a long neck and strongly elongated feathers on the sides, that the bottom cover folded wings,Wood ducks have long legs and large webbed feet, heel and ankle ducks have reticulation, like geese.

In multi-male, back, clearly identified in the form of a sickle feathers. Wood ducks inhabit tropical grasslands along the marsh, eat grass mostly at night on land.

Wood ducks can be seen in large clusters, this kind of duck is not under threat.




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