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Emu ( Dromaius novaehollandiae) - Bird squad kazuaroobraznyh, inhabiting Australia Tasmania.
Emu resembles казуара, but do not have a "helmet" and skinny outgrowths on the neck. Height about emu 2 Metres away, weight reaches 50 pounds, when running emu can reach speeds 50 kilometers per hour, also nice to swim.
Emu feed mostly in the early morning, feed on fruits, roots, grass and other plant food.
In courtship the male and female emus are opposite each other, heads bowed to the ground shake them. Then the male leads the female to the nest made by him, which is a pit lined with grass, bark, foliage and branches.

Polygamy and emus in the same nest lay eggs several females,so in one nest is 15-25 яиц. In rare cases, the male is only one female, are deposited in the nest 7-8 яиц.eggs



Incubation of eggs is only concerned with the male, Incubation lasts about two months, during which the male is very little and rarely eats.

Emu chicks hatch weight 0,5 pounds in this period, The male protects its offspring, becomes extremely aggressive, disturbed the male emu kicked a man is able to break bones.
In Australia, emus are destroyed by thousands of farmers,as bring significant harm, trampling crops and ruining reserved for sheep grazing. Besides, Emu meat is eaten, melted and the eggs edible oil.

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